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This Sunday Easter Service

Worship : BRO. LIBIN

God's Word : BRO. RASKIN TIME : UAE : 1st Service - 06:30 AM to 08:15 AM, 2nd Service - 08:45 A.M. to 10:30 A.M.

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Church History
Who despises the day of small things? Zechariah 4:10
The Lord proved time and again of how one simple act of obedience and surrender can touch innumerable lives. Early in 1977, there were very few prayer meetings in this part of the world, some in English but most in Malayalam. The dream of worshipping the Lord in our mother tongue led us to the house of Bro. Ambrose in Sathwa. The Tamil prayer meeting held there was like an oasis in the desert to our thirsting souls and we longed for more…
 By 1980, we had started another prayer meeting in Bro. Daniel Moses’ house where over 15 of us gathered together. However, to our disappointment, the meeting had to be discontinued by 1982, when Bro. Moses left the country permanently and we were scattered in different places. We were then stirred in our hearts to gather together by ourselves to worship our Lord.
In 1982, Bro. D.G.S Dinakharan shared the Word in an open-air meeting and when I went forward to pray individually with Him, He asked me to wait aside for a while. He then prophetically told me that the Lord had set me apart and was going to use me as an instrument for building His church in the U.A.E. I kept this in my heart and along with a few others we met regularly in my small room for prayer.
Eye has not seen, ear has not heard what the Lord has prepared for those who fear Him but He has revealed them to us through His Holy Spirit’. 1Cor 2:9
We then started to attend a Tamil C.S.I Church in Dubai. Though it was exciting to worship the Lord from inside a church building, we yearned for more freedom in our worship. Soon after Bro. Edwin as led by the Holy Spirit and the counsel of Bro. Stanley, started a Full Gospel Church, which was a blessing to us.
We grew from 5 to over 40 members and during this time, Bro. Justin Prabakhar’s meeting was held in our house. As the numbers increased, Bro. Lazarus and Bro. Radhakrishnan opened their doors for this ministry until we crossed over 55. We then decided not to endanger our brothers to public speculation, Dubai being predominantly Islamic and decided to meet in Martin’s Church from September 1986. We became increasingly involved in outreach activities. During our first visit to the labor camp in 1982, Bro. Gomez, Bro. Thomas, Bro. Joseph, Bro. Abraham, Bro. Samuel (Abu Dhabi) and Bro. Sugirtharaj accompanied me and many people were added through our continuous visits.
Our first convention was held in the year 1988. On Monday evenings we gathered in our members’ houses and called it Cottage Prayer. Fasting prayer was also introduced in our church and we met in Bro. David’s and Bro. Alvin’s house for these fellowships. Bro. Iwinson and his family from Ajman (now in the U.S) participated in all the church services with great enthusiasm since the establishment of our church. We are a witness to the fact that they remained faithful in attending church through the good and the bad times.
Bro. Samson then became actively involved from 1996-2000. He was the only member with a car and his efforts in commuting members to church cannot be forgotten. Our early church had a tambourine and clapping of hands as sole musical instruments until Bro. Lenin joined in the year 1989.
Our first Sunday school was initiated by Bro. Alvin in 1992 and Sis Jocelyn Stephen assisted him lay the foundation of this ministry. During the period 1990-1993 Bro. Samuel (Modern Studio) took part in the expansion of the church. Bro. Paulsamy initiated prayer cells and all-night prayer, and help spread the aroma of prayer in various places. Bro. Surendra Gershom joined our rapidly growing church and helped organize many outreach programmes and choir.
From 1995 we started to have regular conventions and retreats with renowned speakers like Bro. Ezekiah Francis, Bro. Joseph Balachandran, Bro. Berchsman and Bro. Augustine Jebakumar.
As our congregation grew, many suggested having an ordained pastor with elders to organize our church. With the Lord’s leading, in 2000, an ordination service was held during Pas. Rathinampaul’s visit, where Bro. Immanuel was ordained Pastor, and Bro. Paulsamy and Bro. Gershom were ordained assistant Pastors. Bro. Lawrence and Bro. Joseph were ordained as elders. Our church then formally became known as AG Sharjah Tamil Church (AGSTC).
 Initially, night prayer was held at Bro. Paulsamy’s house. With safety concerns arising, Bro. Jothi helped arranging the night prayer in a Sports Club in Umm Al Quwain for a year. We then shifted the prayer to a church in Dubai. During this time the Lord opened a door in St. Martin’s (old) Church to conduct the night prayer. The number of members touched 120 and the room was not sufficient to accommodate all. The Lord answered our prayers and in Dec 2007 St. Martin’s new Church was built and we conducted our Church Service in the first floor. A prayer cell was conducted at Bro. Jothi’s house in Umm Al Quwain for many years. Bro. Nesan and Bro. Gleetus worked hard to get permission to pray in a public place and soon we were worshipping in a School Chapel.
 Bro. Lawrence, Bro. Jeyaraj (Ajman), Bro. Noble Jeyaraj, Bro. Raja, Bro. Alex, Bro. Paul and other members of our church from Ajman and Sharjah established many prayer meetings and camps. Our church was increasing by the week. New elders were ordained as many of them returned to their home country. In 2003, Bro. Gleetus, Bro. Noble Jeyaraj, Bro. William, Bro. Alex and Bro. Durai were ordained elders during a visit of Pas. Rajamani and Pas. Joseph Balachandran. At the end of the year, Bro. Paul, Bro. Raja, Bro.Kubert, Bro. John Wesley, Bro. Alvin (Jr.), Bro. Edward, Bro. Antony, Bro. Rathinam, Bro. Selvaraj, Sis Jothi, Sis Raji and Sis Daisy Jeyaraj were ordained.
Youth Fellowship (now Men’s Fellowship) was initially conducted by Bro. Nesan and Bro. Thevamani. Bro. Williams included many sections to make the fellowship more fruitful for the attendees. Bro. Stephen’s efforts in laying the foundation of this ministry can never be forgotten. Since then Bro. John Wesley, Bro. Paul and Bro. Altrin Prebhu have been actively involved.
Similarly by God’s grace, the Women’s meeting has blessed many women for the last 15 years.
“Now thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift”.2 Cor 9:15

Worship Schedule


Location : ST. Martin’S Anglican Church, 

  Directions :  


15 Abdullah Bin Anees St-21st Street,  Al Yarmook, Sharjah, UAE  


Directions : ST. Martin's Anglican Church   


Worship - Every Sunday in St. Mary's Hall


1st Service: 6:30 am - 8:15 am


2nd Service: 08:45 am - 10:30 am


Mid Week Service - Every Thursday in St. Mary's Hall



 Service: 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Brother's Fellowship in St. Mathew hall



 Every 2nd Sunday 12:-00 Noon - 1:15 pm


Women’s Fellowship In St. Mathew hall



3rd Sunday 11:-45 am - 1:00 pm


Children's Scripture Class in Online



Every Sunday10:30 AM - 11:15 AM


Location : MAM (Majilis Al Madinah) Restauran - Party Hall, Abu Shagara, Sharjah


Directions :  MAM - Majilis Al Madinah 


Fasting Prayer in St. Thimothy hall



Every Saturday 10:00 am to 12:30 pm


Night Prayer in St. Mark & St. Luke hall



Every 3rd Friday 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Prayer Cell



8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
(In different places)



Prayer Request


New to the website is a 24/7 Emergency Prayer Chain. Please visit the Prayer Request page and complete the
Prayer Request Form

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26.03.2023 Sunday ..
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05.03.2023 Sunday ..
by: Pastor. Immanuel

19.03.2023 Sunday ..
by: Pastor.Paulsamy

19.02.2023 Sunday ..
by: Dr.Raja Singh Elias

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