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Bible Stories for Kids
Story 1

As a young boy Samuel came to live in the temple where he served God.One night Samuel heard a voice and he thought it was Eli.the priest calling him.This happened three times.Finally Eli said to Samuel:’If it happens again,say,’Speak, God,for your servant is Listening’”.Again God Spoke:”Samuel Samuel “and Samuel replied as Eli had told him.Later Samuel became a judge in Israel and a mighty man for God.
1samuel 3:6-10.

Story 2

David and Goliath
The Philistines and the Israelites gathered their armies for war. One of the Philistines was a giant named Goliath. Every day he boasted and shouted bad things about God and Israel. All the Israelites were afraid of him.
When David heard what Goliath said, he got so angry that he went out to fight him with the firm belief that god would be with him. With one stone from his sling shot, David killed Goliath
1Samuel 17: 1- 50

Story 3

David was the youngest of eight brothers. From childhood he worked as a shepherd. He was brave, courageous and Strong. He fought and killed lions and bears to perfect the flocks. God talked to Samuel and asked him to go and anoint David to be King of Israel. 1Samuel 16:13

Story 4

The Ten Commandments
On the way to Canaan, The Israelites walked through the desert. While they were there, God gave Moses Ten Commandments carved onto two stone tablets. The Commandments taught the Israelite people how to serve and obey God and to live in love and in peace with each other Exodus 24:12
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